Skitzo (1st Demo)




This is the first attempt in a real studio early 1984. We did various ghetto blaster recordings before this one. It was at the local Healdsburg High School room# 54 Mr. Gordon R. Langford was Lance's reading teacher and doubled as a sound engineer. He told the band to come in at 3:00am in the morning and start recording and be done by 7am. This kind of schedule took over a year to complete. Skitzo had several lead vocalists try out and various leads guitar players who could not show up at 3am to shred-like hell. Jason Sullivan the drummer was just 12 years old. Then the band got a tip from a local rocker named Lance Brozivich - he said give Kelly Gillis a try and Kelly became the lead shredder on this recording and 2 more releases to follow. Lance Ozanix decided to do the vocals just to reference the auditioning singers, but everyone was impressed with the vocal style and it stuck. Once this was recorded, we needed to mix it. This was a quarter inch 8 track tape and only one place had the capacity to fit this tape and it was "Jame Song Christian Recordings" - when booking time, the band had to lie and say it was a local rock band project. Then when James put on the music, he was very scared and he said - let's mix this quick and get out of here. The song Love Butcher, James was losing his shit...and was really trying to "witness" us during our mix. It was pure 80's metal shining star this day. The band duplicated 200 tapes and gave one to Buffo at the Record Vault. In about a month Skitzo started receiving fan mail from all over the world with cash$ orders. Thanks to Buffo for the write up in Germany's Rock-Hard magazine, the band was starting to make its mark in metal.


released September 10, 1985

Lance Ozanix Bass/rhythm guitar/Vox, Jason Sullivan drums/vox, Kelly Gillis leads guitar. Back up vocals Enrico Spadoni.



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SKITZO - Thrash Metal 80's style. California

Started in 1981 in the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene. The has performed with all the early greats in metal and hardcore punk. Possessed, Vio-lence, Poison Idea, Death Angel, Metallica (Spastic Children) Exodus - Baloff - Parana.

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