The Skulling (Remastered)




1990 was an exciting year for Thrash Metal. Metal was sounding more technical and bands are starting to put albums out on CD for the first time. This is Skitzo's first CD release and 5th album release. The Skulling is a four song CD 30 min long. Recorded at Beggers Banquet in Santa Rosa CA, where Death Angel recorded The Ultra Violence four years before. Skitzo's the Skulling was a fantastic release for the band. It's fast & furious. Metal Thrashing Madness. Ron Klinger did an amazing guitar, showcasing his shredding that put him on the map. Jason Sullivan on drums, his imagination with coming up with some of the craziest drums riffs leaves some musicians baffled. Lance Ozanix vocals came out ripping and relentless. This original CD has been sold out for over 2 decades. 1000 printed in 1990 and sold out by 1991. This new re-masted release sounds so clear and tight - This 3 piece band consisted of Lance, Ron & Jason - they did one more album titled Evilution" in 1992 before this incarnation split up and went in different directions.


released July 20, 1990

Lance Ozanix-bass/vox, Jason Sullivan-drums, Ron Klinger-lead guitar : Dave Ed Meathook productions and Tomakazi Executive Producer. CD cover art work Chris Schott. Mixed, recorded and engineered by Keith Bender (RIP)



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SKITZO - Thrash Metal 80's style. California

Started in 1981 in the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene. The has performed with all the early greats in metal and hardcore punk. Possessed, Vio-lence, Poison Idea, Death Angel, Metallica (Spastic Children) Exodus - Baloff - Parana.

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